Recent advances in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) open up a new realm of smart ubiquitous applications based on distributed real-time processing and collaborative reasoning. However, research and development activities in a number of multidisciplinary subject areas have to be undertaken before the practical realisation of such potential. The UbiComp group conducts applied research in a number of key ubiquitous computing areas. Specific research topics include (a) distributed lightweight in-situ visual sensing algorithms for object detection, segmentation and tracking, (b) context aware data and information fusion for combining heterogeneous, ambiguous and inconsistent sensing data, (c) machine intelligence techniques for collaborative in-network reasoning and analysis, and (d) interactive multidimensional visualisation for ubiquitous sensing deployments. Additional work comprises the development of generic tools and hardware platforms for ubiquitous computing applications. Additional information can be found in the Projects page.

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